Wednesday, December 7, 2011

keep on keeping on

It's been a whirlwind month of things to do with the library and things not to do with the library (hello final month of marathon training!). 

For the library:
1.  We finally got some eBooks in my little school library and I'm happily promoting them at every opportunity that comes up!  They work, quite happily, with iPads/phones and Android tablets/phones.

2.  Finals are looming just around the bend which means that no one has time to read.  It makes me sad to see so many great books sitting, untouched on the New Books shelf.

3.  I've teaching 6th graders to make websites, which has been interesting and fun.  Teaching them about free use (and not so free use) of images and content is twice as interesting, but not so much fun.

4.I have been reading and reading.  We have a fledgling parents' book club that I run, which means that I have to get to read more grown-up books.  It certainly keeps my busy.

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