Friday, September 9, 2011

Weeding the Garden...

Whew, with the week finally coming to a close (what is it about these 4 day weeks feeling so long?!) and my three day stint of talks on cyberbullying, I can finally get back to my piles and piles of weeding. Right now, I'm mostly pulling amusingly outdated YA fiction that hasn't circulated in the past decade (and some haven't been touched for well over 20 years!!!). A few of my favorites from the weeding pile...

Goodbye, Gentlehands!  I know that Gentlehands is supposed to be a quality book, but my students merely snicker at the title and move along.  At least it had its time, with many checkouts in the .
Little Britches, my favorite of the weeds.  Of course, someone had crossed out the R in our version (you live in a middle/high school library for so many's bound to happen).  Since I saw the cover and inevitably got the title stuck in my head, "Little Britches" has become a new nickname of sorts of my dog!
Bingo Brown's Guide to Romance.  The cover really gives me flashbacks of Saved By the Bell and Blossom reruns.

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